Shamarie Spiritual Healer


Shamarie Metaphysician and Author

Shamarie is a Metaphysician in the truest sense, in that her life journey involves the study of “meta” physics; the study of the subtle realms that come before or after the material world.

Shamarie walks between the worlds, always maintaining clear insight into the material world as well as the many subtle realities of spirit. Shamarie is a gifted Sensitive. Being a Sensitive is a two edge sword. The upside is that her sensitivities allow her to facilitate healing for others.

Shamarie successfully combines her sensitivities and intuition with a very keen intellect. Many are surprised at how effortlessly she moves between the ethereal world of spirit and the mundane world. She easily combines the wisdom of spirit with the knowledge of the world in very practical way that all can understand and appreciate.


Shamarie’s Healing Clinics

Her primary clinic was at  Blackwood in a  beautiful hills property for many years.  She has recently moved to the Adelaide Plains and is creating a new sanctury and place of tranqulity with her Soul Mate of many lifetimes.  Shamarie also has a thriving practise in Gawler north of Adelaide at Gawler Books

Shamarie also consults via telephone and Skype

Shamarie has been helping others regain their wellness for over 16 years. During this time, she has never stopped learning and has obtained an impressive list of qualifications.

She considers her greatest achievements have been the creation of the healing and self-development therapy Biosenetics™ and the recent publication of her book ‘Evolve your unconscious mind, the key to shifting consciousness and changing your world.’

Shamarie’s Qualifications

Diploma of Naturopathy
Diploma of Herbal Medicine
Diploma of Homoeopathy
Certified Past Life Regression Therapist
Certified Hypnotherapist
Certificate in Initiatic Art Therapy
Holographic Kinetics Practitioner
Certificate IV in Workplace Training and Assessment

Shamarie is a member of the following professional associations:

atmsAustralian Traditional Medicine Society
National Federation of Healers (SA Representative)
Past Life Regression Association
Board of American Hypnotherapists

Shamarie’s Personal Journey

Trauma happens. It is a fact of life; but it doesn’t have to be a life sentence

Like many profoundly gifted healers before her, Shamarie’s craft and skill has been honed in the fire of personal trauma and tragedy. Shamarie has always been different, and her early years were particularly difficult and traumatic for her. Shamarie’s deep insight into the nature of subtle and overt mental, emotional, physical and sexual abuse comes not only from her early experience of family life, but also from her past lives. The final catalyst for change for Shamarie was the suicide of her husband, leaving her with three small boys to raise on her own. Upon examination of her Natal Chart, an astrologer once remarked, “they were surprised that she had survived and evolved into such a vibrant compassionate healer”. The fact that Shamarie did survive and thrive is a testimony to her innate spiritual strength and determination to overcome boundaries and bring herself and her small family back into balance. Shamarie gives hope to all individuals who have suffered traumatic stress. Shamarie has shown that it is possible to heal and obtain emotional freedom once more.

As Shamarie rebuilt her fractured, traumatised consciousness, she gained a very deep insight into the connectedness of all things and the structures and patterns that make up consciousness and life. It has been said by many that it is indeed rare for an individual to exhibit this level of ability to self-heal. With the help of Spirit of course! It is this deep understanding that facilitated her creation of the healing and personal development system called Biosenetics™. Her extensive gifts as a healer and empath are reflected in her work as a spiritual artist, with the beautiful pastels of her client’s energy fields and her inspiring soul collages and poetry.

Because of her profound connection with Spirit, Shamarie has the ability to tune into the consciousness of the land and determine how to remedy disharmony in both internal and external environments. She is happiest when surrounded by nature, her children, her partner and her constant companions, pugs Lily and Dexter.

Your Spirit can change the Past, Present and Future

Shamarie will gently and effective show you how to effective connect and work with your own Spirit, and transform your world
Shamarie believes that everything in the universe at its basic level is energy and consciousness and that everything that exists in the universe has an intelligent coherent Vital Force.
Our Vital Force is powered by our Spirit.
Disease and dysfunction is a result of an unbalanced expression and trapped or blocked energy in our Spirit.

Shamarie Spiritual Healer