Art Therapy

Art Therapy


Art Therapy


Art therapy is a journey of self discovery and healing through the use and exploration of archetypal shapes, symbols, colours and movement. Art therapy allows you to express yourself without the need for words to explain.

Anyone can benefit from Initiatic Art Therapy
Art Therapy can effectively assist people of all ages
No artistic skills are required

Child's hands painted in different bright colors
** Note: Slight blurriness, best at smaller sizes
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Shamarie will guide and encourage you through a process of creative expression. You will gain insights into your creations, helping you to understand the wounded aspects of yourself. You will also gain insight into your strengths.
With understand can come release and healing.

Art therapy is not just for those who want to engage in an innovative and powerful healing process; it is also for those who want to explore their inner landscape for self-development.

Self-exploration is often hindered when we try to communicate via normal language, with art therapy you give yourself artistic license to really explore and not only discover, but re-define things about yourself.

Shamarie offers the following Art Therapy workshops:

arttherapycollage-342x286 Creating your own Self-Box
(create a 4 dimensional model of yourself)

Soul Cards
(make your own inspirational desk with collage)

Animal Totems
(discover yourself though story telling and the use of a diorama)

If you are interested in organizing an Art Therapy Day for you own group, don’t hesitate to contact Shamarie for more details

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Enjoy a selection of Shamarie’s Soul Cards