Become Stress Free

Become Stress Free


Become Stress Free


Spiritual Healing is a Powerful Way to Find Inner Peace.

Stress is an indication that you need to change what you are doing. Everything that you want in life, but do not have, requires inner change and outer action

By the time, we reach age 18-21 years we think we have arrived, that we are now all grown up. Unfortunately, physical maturity does not guarantee mental, emotional and spiritual maturity.

When we reach physical adulthood we have taken on the majority of our beliefs from our family and our culture. As children, we do not reflect or review these beliefs we just absorb them like a sponge.

However, that does not mean that we are complete blank slates upon which our family and cultural beliefs are imprinted. We are all old souls who have been on a spiritual journey to explore this learning environment that we call earth for a extraordinarily long time. We tend to incarnate into families and cultures that suit where ever we are at as a soul. The family and culture of our infancy re-imprints into our current ego expression the beliefs and experiences that we either wish to complete from another time or explore a whole new perspective.

Adulthood is a good time when we can choose to re-evaluate and re-invent ourselves.

Indicators of Just Surviving Living in Stress
Dishonest with yourself and others
Deeply insecure, though sometimes can bluff you way through
Creates relationships based in independence, co-dependency and dependency
Reacts defensively when receiving feedback
Continually deal with life from the perspective of competition, fight or flight
Blame others for the way you feel and life’s misfortunes
Life is more about taking what you can get than giving back
Come from a place of pain which generally causes you to create more pain for yourself and others
Resistance to change and growth
Your energy is focused on maintaining the status quo

Indicators of Balance Wellness
You are centred, confident and at peace with yourself
You are Honest with yourself and others
You are thoughtfully introspective
You actively and thoughtfully form and re-form your core beliefs and values
You take responsibility for your thoughts, feelings and actions
You create and maintain inter-dependent relationships
You love to give of yourself and your talents
You are able to receive feedback from the world without becoming defensive
You come from a place of love for self and others
You continue to grow and expand your consciousness

Healing is as Much about Personal Development as it is Removing the Pain

a monarch chrysalis hanging from a blade of cattail.If you are in an unhappy or unfulfilling relationship, you can choose to leave that relationship. Mostly likely you will find another partner remarkably similar to your previous one. This will happen because you did not change the patterns within your unconscious mind that attract you to those kinds of partners. Similarly, you can just take a pain reliever every time you get a headache and never bother to find out cause of your headache. Worse still you may know why you get the headache and you keep doing the same behaviours that give you the headache.

If you want to become physical fit you attend a gym, maybe even engage in a personal trainer. When you want to become mentally, emotionally and spiritually fit you likewise have to engage in the behaviours that develop these qualities. Having regular sessions with Shamarie will give you the very best opportunity to change and mature the mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of yourself.

Remember life if a journey, no one is every fully there. Sometimes we think we are at and end and yet it is just the beginning. It doesn’t matter where you are at, you can begin your journey to greater fulfillment, health and happiness at anytime.

bestressfree4-345x280We all experience hurts and bumps as why go through life. These are learning points; how will we respond, what meaning will we place upon the event. For an example, a child may decide that their mother does not love them and therefore, no one can love them. Whether this is true or not is irrelevant, it is true for the immature child. Unfortunately, most of these reality forming decisions are made when we were less than four years of age. It is a very sad fact that most people live their lives according to the emotional decisions made by their infant self.

Many people complain that they cannot afford “therapy”. More often than not, this is your defensive position that keeps you from dealing with things you really need to clear out of your life.
If you are willing to heal and you sincerely ask your higher Spirit, things will change in a way where this can happen for you. However, you have to be willing to let go of your excuses, ego, false beliefs etc. Have faith in yourself that you CAN heal. You are the only one who can start the put things in motion when it comes to your own healing and personal growth journey. No one can do this for you, there is no magic wand, requiring little or no effort and commitment on your behalf. You have to WANT to do it. And the good news is, once you connect with the power of your own Spirit your intentions for healing can be carried out.   Shamarie is a skilled healing facilitator who walks the talk and you will be amazed how quickly healing can be done on many levels in a shorter period of time you ever thought possible.

It’s up to you whether you decide to crawl through life
Stay Stuck wrapped up in your cocoon
Or spread your wings and fly