Biosenetics™ – An Unique Energy Healing Therapy By Shamarie


Biosenetics™ Will Enable You to Move Toward Your Highest Potential and Allow You to Experience:

Increased self awareness
Increased self love
Increased self mastery
Feelings of lightness
Emotional freedom from the past

Greater Clarity & Focus
More joy & laughter
Improved relationships
Greater prosperity
Self Empowerment past

The Biosenetics™ Process

Perfect health comes from perfect and effortless flow of information between all things. Shamarie initially uses her advanced pattern recognition ability to observe and then to help you harmonizes the relationships and flow of energy between all things big and small so far as they affect your biological health and longevity.
The Biosenetics™ process facilitates conversation with your body and your unconscious self, allowing your innate intelligence to guide every step of the process. Every session is as individual are you are.
Biosenetics™ truly does have to be experienced to be fully appreciated. It is easily the most wholistic and advanced human development system currently available on the planet. Biosenetics™ is the product of a highly respect spiritual wisdom keeper.

Non invasive
Effective for all ages and levels
Quick, effective and facilitates permanent change
Designed to bring about the natural harmony of your consciousness
Releases dysfunctional emotional and thought patterns
Facilitates physical healing

The Biosenetics™ Difference


Every Biosenetics™ session is as unique as you are.  Biosenetics™ draws upon the strengths of many different therapeutic systems and philosophies and therefore engages in a multi-disciplinary approach.

But Biosenetics™ is fundamentally more than just a synthesis of old energies.  During your first session you will experience this truth for yourself.

Shamarie respects your innate healing intelligence and works with this intelligence rather than “doing things to it” based upon the particular persuasion of the therapist.  Shamarie considers all wellness recovery to be a equal partnership between client and therapist, Biosenetics™ is the process tool.


Where did Biosenetics™ come from?

Shamarie created Biosenetics™ over a period of years. Her driving force was to synthesize all that she intuitively knew, with her formal training as a Naturopath, herbalist and Homeoepathy into a practical and simple therapy.
Shamarie first taught a small group of women Biosenetics™ as a therapy in 2001. However, it progressively took form over a period of years prior to this first introduction to others.
Biosenetics™ engages and utilizes more of you and your energy system than just your emotions and meridian system as is the case with EFT and is certainly more than just balancing your chakras.
Biosenetics™ is powerful and yet subtle, even if you have experienced many forms of healing and body work you will quickly discover that Biosenetics™ is unique and changes you in ways you never thought possible.

Philosophy of Biosenetics™

Each and every one of us must take responsibility for our health, wellbeing and emotional healing. Sometimes the first step to taking responsibility is simply asking for help.
Every cell in your body must communicate to every other cell – you are a biological network. Cancer and other diseases are a condition of deregulation of your biological and energetic network.
Even though you mind may have forgotten your body never does. Your body is an expression of your; emotions, stressors,  thought patterns, lifestyle, nutrition and life experiences. Your body contains valuable information about what is happening to you now, what has happened in the past and more importantly what needs to change to allow flow, balance and communication.
As we grow from infancy we learn to adapt to our life circumstances. Not all adaptation patterns bring about a fulfilling life. Fortunately, your body and consciousness can, given the right conditions and resources re-structure and re-pattern. The primary motive of Biosenetics™ is to help you locate and heal your less than optimum mental, emotional and biological patterns.
Each and every one of us must take responsibility for our health and wellbeing, sometimes the first step to taking responsibility is simply asking for help.

Curious? Want to put the passion, harmony and magic back into your life? Schedule your appointment online now and experience for yourself the transformative power of Shamarie and Biosenetics™