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Distant Healing


Distant Healing

Connect with Shamarie for a Healing Session, No Matter Where you Live

The separation of time and space from one person or geographical location is distanthealing1-286x286but an illusion. Our Spirit can be in all places and all times, depends where ever we place our attention and focus. The internet and Skype makes it even easier because now not only can you connect with voice you can also connect face to face digitally.

Distant Healing sessions give you all the same benefits; the same profound changes and release of your mental and emotional discomforts as you get with a face to face healing.

There are two options for Distant Healing:

  1. Biosenetics and this is the healing demonstrated in the video below.
  2. If you choose a Holographic Kinetics Healing Session Shamarie will need to engage another individual to surrogate your spirit.  Therefore this session is more expensive as it requires two people.  (to see more about this go to the Holographic Kinetics page)

Your Distant Healing Session can be conducted via telephone or  Skype and or GotoMeeting if a more secure connection is required.  If you are not sure which whether a Biosenetics Healing Session or a Holographics Healing Session is best for you, contact Shamarie so she can help you decide.

Benefits of Distant Healing

Exactly the same benefits as a face to face hands on healing session!
So let me re-affirm the benefits:

Increased self-esteem
Increased self-love
Greater mental clarity & focus
Improved relationships
Removal of Entities
Healing the Past

Inner Peace & Relaxation
Release from past emotional hurts
Greater resilience & adaptability
Increased prosperity
Relief from the Inner Chatter
Free Your Spirit


Your first steps for Booking your Distant Healing Session is to make your payment using the link below Or Email Shamarie for further information

Watch an Actual Biosenetics Distant Healing Session

Connect with Shamarie Now!

To be able to connect with someone no matter the time and location may sound impossible just as once upon a time people also thought it was impossible to speak over the telephone to someone hundreds of kilometres away.

Now we accept telephone conversation as normal practice. In fact we have moved on from the telephone line to wireless mobile communication. Now, no one has any difficulty with the concept that voice communication can occur through time and space. he capacity to perform Distant Healing is more than just transmitting your voice or your image. It is the ability to transmit energy and intention without the help of a telephone line, a mobile phone tower or a satellite. Distant Healing also requires that the person offering healing is able to connect to the person they are working with just as they would if they were face to face.

Shamarie has been offering and successfully providing distant healing for many years. Emotional healing and spiritual growth can be yours no matter where you live. You can also release yourself from invading spirits no matter where you live.