Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What are Shamarie’s formal qualifications?

Diploma of Naturopathy
Diploma of Herbal Medicine
Diploma of Homoeopathy
Certification in Psycho-Spiritual Hypnotherapy
Certificate in Initiatic Art Therapy
Holographic Kinetics Practitioner
Reiki and Seichim Master

Because of her qualifications she is a member of

The Past Life Regression Association
National Federation of Healers
Australian Traditional Medicine Society
American Board of Hypnotherapy

How many years of experience does Shamarie have?

Shamarie has been working professionally for 20 years

Is Shamarie associated with any religious organization?

No, I have studied many different religious perspective but I do not belong to any religious organization or church.

Do I have to believe in God for spiritual healing to work?

No, because I do not advocate any particular religion’s version of god, it is not essential that you believe in any God, Goddess, Deity, Ascendant Masters, Angels or in fact any particular higher power outside of yourself for my spiritual healing to be effective.

What is the difference between Reiki Healing and the Energy and processes that Shamarie uses for Spiritual Healing?

Reiki is a Japanese tradition brought to the west by Mrs Hawayo Takata in 1930.  The Reiki Energy Transmission became very popular in Australia during the 1980-1990’s, particularly in Australia.  Over time Reiki has become synonymous with energy healing or spiritual healing.  It is not true however that all spiritual energy is Reiki.  Individuals are attuned to Reiki and it is a particular energy source.  Much like Google is a particular search engine. Just as you will get difference search results through Google compared with another search engine, it is the same with spiritual or healing energies.  Reiki is an excellent beginning point for someone who wants to explore the world of energy from the perspective of becoming a healer.  Reiki’s absolute strength is to facilitate calmness and relaxation.  Reiki training confers the ability to channel Reiki energy it does not confirm spiritual healing expertise.

Why Does Shamarie Burp when she is working with clients?

Unfortunately, when Shamarie first started working with her innate ability to help herself and others heal, the toxic energy that she was removing from others would cause her to feel very unwell and ultimately vomit.  Not a pleasant situation for anyone.  Overtime her body and spirit developed the ability to encapsulate and detoxify the energy and then burp it out.  The burp comes from her chest/heart space rather than from her actual stomach so it is not a biological process in the normal sense of the word.  If you have seen the movie The Green Mile a similar process happens to the main character.

Is Distant healing over the telephone or Skype just as effective as seeing Shamarie in person?

YES. We are all connected at all times whether we know it or not.  Everything that we do effects everything else and visa versa.  Most individuals are not aware of this connection.  However, most people are aware of the connection that a mother has for their child or the connection between twin children.

What is unique about Shamarie’s healing system Biosenetics?

Shamarie, helps you connect with the source energy that originally created the events or experiences that are happening in your life.  The “energies” could be thought patterns, beliefs, emotional patterns, karma from the past, agreement or contracts etc, interference from other spirits or entities, ancestral influences: the list is endless as we are all unique.  The point is Shamarie is open to what your spirit and body has to say about the cause of things rather than a predetermined concept.

What is Karma?

Karma is the law of cause and effect, it is NOT the law or punishment or deservability. We live in a free will universe and in order to have true free will we must be able to understand and be responsible for the consequences of our choices, behaviours etc.  So if we harm another it is likely that we will experience the same at some point so that we know what that feels like.  BUT, there is no judgement or punishment in the process.  Free will is not an armchair experience, unless we know the consequences of our behaviours on others and the environment we cannot fully evaluate whether or not this is something we want to do.  Judgement is a human concept developed into religious and secular law.

How many Session will I need?

That very much depends on you; your needs and what you want to achieve.  If you just have one specific issue you want to deal with, then probably one session.  However, if you want to evolve yourself spiritually or move towards your full human potential then spiritual healing can potentially become a lifetime process.  Many clients come monthly for a period of 6 months which gives them a good solid foundation to work from and then come on the basis of need.  Others make it part of their self-care programme and they choose to work with Shamarie regularly for years.

Does Shamarie Work with Children?

Yes, depending on the child’s age and willingness Shamarie can work with them directly.  Or sometimes Shamarie will work with the child through surrogacy.  A legal guardian will need to be present whilst Shamarie works with any under age child.

Can Shamarie work with the land or animals?

Yes providing the owner of the said land or animal is present.  Sometimes the place where live can have negative energy flows that have occurred before you lived there.  Our animals have their own Karma.  Also, they can take on the illness and concerns of their human companions

Does Shamarie prescribe herbs and other nutritional medicines?

Yes, but rather than just focusing on the symptoms and prescribing for these, Shamarie always uses energy healing first to determine the best way to bring you into physical and spiritual wellness.  The herbs and nutritional medicines are used as support.  It has been Shamarie’s experience that working this way is far more effective than just prescribing medicines natural or otherwise on their own.

Does a Spiritual healing Session hurt?

No, sometimes you may feel emotional discomfort as old memories are being release.  Shamarie, does her very best to minimize this type of healing crisis.

What is a Healing Crisis?

A healing crisis is when the physical body is releasing toxins faster than is can deal with them effectively.  This causes you to feel sick, headachy or extreme tiredness.  Whilst this can happen sometimes, it is not necessary and it is something that Shamarie uses her skill to prevent to the very best of her ability.  Sometimes a healing crisis comes in the form of emotional venting, again Shamarie will help you not to experience this also.

Is it necessary to remember the past to heal the now?

Sometimes yes and sometimes no.  If the answer is yes, Shamarie will do her very best to minimize impact of the memories.  Shamarie believes you have already been traumatized once it is not necessary to go through it again.  The no answer is when you already understand the cause and effect of the past and now you just need to release the energy of it.

What is the difference between Intuitive or Spiritual Counselling and “conventional” Counselling?

Traditional counselling’s theoretical method is focused on the view point of one life only.

Spiritual counselling focuses on the mental and emotional patterns that are evident in the individual’s life and then looks for the original causative start point.  Whether that was in this life or in another.  Various methods are used to resolve issues from the past and release the dysfunctional mental and emotional patterns.

How can Spiritual Counselling Help in Couples Relationships?

From a spiritual standpoint we tend to connect with individuals that have we have either similar or complimentary karmic patterns to resolve.  Usually we have most to learn from our love relationships.  Consequently, our love relationships are the most intense and challenging.  When these relationships become dysfunctional we often leave and find another. However, we then often re-create the same relationship issues again.  The role of Shamarie as a spiritual counsellor is to help the couple to recognise their mutual karmic patterns, resolve the causative factor so that the couple can come to a new understanding of themselves and the individuals they are in relationship with. The ultimate goal on planet earth is to develop unconditional love.