Holographic Kinetics

Holographic Kinetics


Holographic Kinetics

What is Dreamtime Holographic Kinetics?

Holographic Kinetics is healing system based on the law of the LORE: Humanity is responsible for their thought, word, deed and action, no one can change a created reality other than the creator of that reality. Essentially Holographic Kinetics has the ability to access the life form known as the spirit of any created dimension, once the past is accessed in the present the future can be changed.

In a session you can clear blockages, charged emotions and traumas that are affecting the function of your body and keeping you imprisoned in the same thoughts and recurring patterns.

You will be rewarded with: Restore energy and vitality, joy and meaning to your life and access the mystery of your truth.


Aboriginal Dreamtime Healing using Holographic Kinetics, created by Steve Richards, is one of the most advanced and unique modalities available today. It is based on the ancient Aboriginal knowledge of the laws of “LORE” and the understanding that all things in nature are alive.

Steve Richards, founder of Holographic Kinetics is an Australian with Aboriginal ancestry. Steve was awarded the Life Award Certificate Commendation in 2005 by Suicide Prevention Australia. He was also nominated for the Human Rights Medal in 2005 and 2006 and nominated for Australian of the year in 2007 as acknowledgement for outstanding results using Dreamtime Healing with Holographic Kinetics.

How Can Dreamtime Holographic Kinetics help Me?

The most important thing about Holographic Kinetics is that it Works!  And it work consistently and powerfully. it always gets to the bottom of things from the past that are causing problems in the now and will continue to cause problems in the future unless the original source cause is balanced and changed.  Some of the things that Holographic Kinetics can be used for:
Limiting Beliefs
Mental Health Issues
Abundance issues
Weight Management
Past Life Issues
Genetic & Hereditary Issues
Psychic Attack
House Disturbances
Contracts and Agreements of entrapment
Inter-dimensional Interference
Internal and External Entity attachments

As well as personal healing Holographic Kinetics can also be used to facilitate healing in the case of:

Young children heal from
Business Entities
Partnerships, Family
Cultures, Marriages etc
Distant or Remote Healing

The above examples are possible because everything has consciousness. For example the consciousness of your business or marriage could be stuck or have blockages that are preventing the individuals concerned from moving on.

When working with children of a young age, pets or a Business entity for example the spirit of the entity is surrogated into a human body so that it can safely be worked with.

The Benefits of a Holographic Kinetics Session with Shamarie

Young man sleeping on the green grass

Reduces stress and anxiety
Facilitates mental, emotional, physical & spiritual self-healing
Strengthens your immune system
Removes controlling and invading spirits
Improves your over all health and wellbeing
Increases inner peace
Promotes freedom of spirit
Releases blockages, personal, ancestral and cellular
Repairs the past so that you no longer keep doing the same thing over and over