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Spiritual Relationship and Marriage Counselling Adelaide

Spiritual relationship counselling is supportive therapy which focuses on the clients’ beliefs and values reinforcing their essential being and promoting spiritual growth both as a couple and as individuals.

The main objective of spiritual relationship and marriage counselling is to uncover the problems from deep within, whilst also re-establishing trust and communication to promote intimacy. Shamarie is a skilled relationship counsellor in Adelaide who will provide you with a non-judgemental environment which focuses on mutual respect for both of you as individuals, and provide insight to what is best for you as a couple and for your family.

While conventional counselling can indeed allow you to resolve and work through problems in your life, spiritual counselling delves much deeper into the psyche and can help achieve inner peace, happiness and a better understanding of each other and the causative factors of the distress in your relationship. A session with Shamarie can help you:

  • Discover key areas which require attention
  • Identify and set achievable goals
  • Reconnects couples with a positive foundation to build upon
  • Build safety and trust, allowing you to talk through and resolve problems
  • Gain tools that help you manage your relationship conflict
  • Obtain new insights and understandings about yourself and your partner

In the Pursuit of Healing

Marriage counselling is a much needed spiritual service in today’s modern world. Most often people are too focused on being successful that they often forget the true values of life itself, and leaving less time for love, family and relationships. So if one day you find the love vanishing from your relationship or that you begin drifting apart, with little to nothing in common anymore. It’s time to reach out for some help by scheduling in some spiritual marriagecounselling sessions.

Our love relationships are a valuable resource for obtaining healing and well-being as individuals and as a couple. You can schedule an appointment via the website or by contacting Shamarie, the most proficient spiritual relationship counsellor in Adelaide on 04 0827 8395.