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Natural Wholistic Health Care
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This page is an overview of the services provided by Shamarie’s Body & Mind Therapies. Click on the Image or drop down menu for more information


Stop Smoking with Hypnosis

When you are really, really ready to quit the smoking habit, then give Shamarie a call. Shamarie will take you through a powerful hypnotic session to give you the power to quit.



Biosenetics is an eclectic healing modality that Shamarie created over 10 years ago. Biosenetics engages your mind, body and soul to facilitate you reaching your full potential.

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Holographic Kinetics

Dreamtime Holographic Kinetics is a powerful healing modality created and taught by Steve Richards and it is based on the ancient understanding of Australia’s first people.

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Past Life Regression

A Past Life Regression helps you discover and complete experiences from other lives that still


Initiatic Art Therapy

Shamarie have been trained in a variety to Initiatic Art Therapy processes. Art Therapy allows

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Online Spiritual Healing

Shamarie can also conduct spiritual healing session via the Telephone or Skype


Food Sensitivities

Many people today suffer from food sensitivity often referred to as an “ALLERGY”. Often the inflammatory response is not technically and allergy by a sensitivity. Often people crave the very foods that create an inflammatory response in the body. Eating Bio-incompatible foods can affect the immune system which can then lead to an increase of inflammatory mediators in your blood. Take our pain free Hair Test Today to find out what is making you sick.

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Hair Mineral Analysis

Mineral deficiency rarely occurs across the board for all minerals and in actual fact some minerals are often stored in excess while others are very deficient. This situation cannot be rectified by simply taking a broad spectrum mineral supplement. Minerals are the spark plugs of your body, they are involved in every chemical reaction within your body. Having a mineral analysis of your hair will give you an indication of your current health condition, your hormonal balance, heavy metal toxicity and future health trends.

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Essential oils are concentrated complex substances similar to herbal medicines and as such can have healing properties beyond their ability to stimulate our sense of smell. Despite the fact that in Australia essential oils are usually only administered through our sense of smell and sometimes topically, in France is quite different. In actual fact small amount of food grade essential oils can also be used in your cooking. Shamarie uses and recommends Young Living Essential oils.


Hypnosis for Relaxation

Trance is an natural state that we all enter into. Whether we are play acting as a child, watching a moving and get involved in the action or drive

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Relationship Counseling

Spiritual relationship counselling is supportive therapy which focuses on the clients’ beliefs and values reinforcing their essential being


Spiritual Development Courses

This page is still under development but if you are interesting in online and in person Spiritual Development Courses please check back regularly