Evolve Your Mind Transform Your Life Program

Evolve Your Mind Transform Your Life Program


“Become the Change You want to See in the World”

Mahatma Gandhi

Shamarie is a skilled Spiritual Healer and Teacher who can help you change your world by changing you!  She has developed many processes which she has shared with thousands of clients over 20 years.  These processes consistently and powerfully bring about change in the lives of those who commit to the journey of self-awareness with Shamarie.  The processes are not difficult or time consuming and they are suitable for the beginner or the advanced student of personal and spiritual development.


Why do you want to engage in Spiritual Development and personal Growth?

Is it to:
  • Feel Happier on the inside?
  • Enjoy better health?
  • Improve your relationships?
  • Gain freedom from Past hurts?
  • Increase your Self-Confidence?
  • Experience more love and abundance in your life?
  • Resolve your Karmic Loops?
  • To become the change you want to see in the world?

Shamarie will personally guide you through this 6 month Program. You will be amazed at the tangible changes you experience. Many clients love the process of spiritual growth as provided by Shamarie, they make it a lifetime commitment.  These are the individuals who become the evolutionary leader for their family and friends while at the same time improving their own personal happiness. Perhaps you are one of these people who really wants to make a difference in the world.

What you get in the 6 Month Program

  1. Six personal 1 hour healing sessions with Shamarie
  2. Powerful techniques that you can use for life that easily facilitate change
  3. Self evaluation procedures
  4. Learn how to free yourself from the anxiety and fear response
  5. Free copy of Shamarie’s Book – Evolve Your Unconscious Mind
  6. Freedom from Your Archetypes Workshop
  7. Private Facebook Support Group
  8. Discover how to increase you happy hormones naturally
  9. Past Life Regression as part of your 6 individual sessions
  10. Energy Clearing Process
  11. Ongoing email support

Your investment $1800.00 AU

You also have the option to pay in 3 equal monthly instalments of $665 (total $1995.00 AU)

One Off Payment Option Only

This course is also able to be completed via SKYPE if you are unable to attend in person.
If you would like to get started today call me on 0408278395 Or Email me