Rejuvenation and Healthy Weight Management Program

Rejuvenation and Healthy Weight Management Program

  • Have you tried to lose weight before and then just put it back on again, plus more?
  • Have you found that no amount of exercise make a difference to your weight?
  • Are you over 40 and have found that the kilos just keep creeping on?
  • Are you showing the beginnings of blood sugar problems?
  • Do you crave sweet foods?
  • Do you feel tire a lot of the time?

Would you like support by a Qualified Naturopath and Healer to help you change all of that?

Shamarie will show you how to:

  • Lose weight and keep it off
  • Detox and renew you mind and body
  • Break free of your sugar addiction
  • Change your attitudes around food
  • Become free of emotional eating
  • Change your diet and lose weight with real food. (not protein powders)
Payment Options

What is contained in the Program

    • One on one support during your 5 day fast
    • Hypnosis scripts to maximize your efforts
    • Processes for releasing your negative relationship with foods
    • Naturopathic health assessment
    • Support and encouragement to keep going
    • Private Facebook Support Group
    • Education on: How and What to eat
    • Email support throughout the program
    • 4 personal naturopathic/healing consultations
    • Naturopathic products to reduce your cravings
    • Other Nutritionals to cater to your personal health concerns
    • This Program is designed to be completed within 4 months.

Please note that at the moment this program can only offered to those who can physically consult with Shamarie in person.


Please note that results are typical but cannot be guaranteed. Shamarie will provide you with the very best health information based on her training and who own experience. She will also provide you with very effective products that are backed by her experience with herself and her clients. This is not a quick fix program, it is a program designed to facilitate lifestyle change, rejuvenation and increased health outcomes