Kevin Rice, Adelaide
My experience with Shamarie was a profound. One for me. It answered some questions for me, and hopefully will show me the way forward to achieve lasting inner peace!

Mark P
I’ve been seeing Shamarie on and off for a few years now ,whenever I needed help to get through any issues I cant get though myself I highly recommend her and will continue to see her

I love Shamarie’s wit and compassion and sense of perspective.
I really benefit from her treatment and when I feel it’s time to go again her name keeps on popping up in my mind,
thanks  Diana

Janeane Mck. Gawler
I’ve been regularly going to see Shamarie for approx. 4 years now. When I first met with Shamarie, a multitude of bad life experiences had me broken to a point that I couldn’t put all the pieces back together on my own anymore. Thankfully Shamarie was there with all of her experience to help guide & support me through what was
the most challenging but rewarding experience so far; healing from all past damage! As life’s challenges continue so does the understanding,support,guidance & amazement of what Shamarie’s capabilities are. Through these changes we grow together, I truly appreciate her as a person & for sharing her gift. I can guarantee that even if you don’t understand how it works you will definitely feel that it really does work!

Carol Blaser, Mid North South Australia
After going through the recent Pinery fire and the loss and stress associated with such an event, a visit to Shamarie helped me to see past the devastation and bring my focus to the future possibilities and new beginnings that were there for me.

Jo and George G, Brompton
I just wanted to thank you for helping George and I kick the dreaded cigarettes.
The birthday party was fine and there was a smokers table outside and I just looked on thinking ‘yuck’. Mind you I have had little trigger cravings but soon after they disappear it’s so amazing!!!
I also felt really flat and agro directly after and cried often and realised just how much stuff I have been bottling up. But now (apart from feeling fluey) I’m feeling much more open emotionally.
George has been rather the opposite of his normal self – walking around singing making jokes and we are talking about our difficult non smoking moments and how we are both getting through them.
I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping us make this possible. You are very talented at what you do and when I have some time I’d love to continue some treatment with you for my other issues.

S. Rajkotwala, Nursery owner Mid North SA
“If you’re ready for some profoundly life -changing healing, then give this lady a go!”

Mitch Carson, Impact Marketing California

Kym Hewett, Business Owner Henley Beach

P Loizou Eden Hills
“I’m a 57 year old self-employed accountant with a busy professional and family life, and have been visiting Shamarie since October 06.
My husband recommended her, and at the time I was having problems with the menopause, mainly irritability, mood swings, depression, lack of energy.
I have also had bad asthma all my life since childhood and have “learned to live with it” with daily medication and my nebulizer machine for attacks or times when I’ve got a bad virus.
After my first few monthly visits I found a significant increase in my energy levels, and a big improvement in my mental attitudes and ability to handle stress, business or personal.
On a physical level, I have had only 1 doctor’s appointment in 12 months whereas most years I have at least 5 or 6 a year, most requiring antibiotics for bronchial infections, viruses, ear infections. I’ve also used my asthma nebulizer machine only 3 or 4 times in the last 12 months, whereas normally I was using it heavily in winter months in particular.
I am still on my daily asthma medication but am working on progressively reducing it over the next 12 months”.

Norman K. Eden Hills
The circumstances leading up to my first consultation with Shamarie involved the unfortunate death of my very dearest Wife of 38 years from cancer…….In the time since my Wife’s death, I had sought, over a period of time, the assistance of three different grief counsellors. Their therapy seemed to work for a period of 6-8 weeks. Unfortunately, the grief and depression gradually overtook my very being, once again. Eventually, the feelings of grief and the resulting depression almost became too much to tolerate. I was determined that I wanted to do something to dispel this ongoing endless despair. I happened to notice an advertisement placed by Shamarie. In retrospect, it was very timely, as my innermost emotions were reaching the point of sheer and utter desperation.

The very first consultation with Shamarie, was, to my mind, absolutely AMAZING, as in all of my life, I had not experienced anything as incredible, unique, wonderful and mind-boggling. Over a period of several months of monthly appointments, continuing this Biosenetics therapy, coupled with vocal affirmation, this VERY EXCEPTIONAL & EXTRAORDINARY woman, Shamarie, has given me back my life, my normal emotions and my “joie de vivre”. I hasten to add, NO drugs were prescribed!! Drug free therapy!!


Skyla, Christie Downs, SA
“I first came to Shamarie with my son in a desperate search for help with his Dyslexia and Aspergers, for which she has been a godsend. But I remember leaving thinking, brilliant lady but not for me. Something inside me knew if ever I got on her treatment table, there would be no more hiding, and honestly that scared me. As the universe would have it during the course of treating my son there came a time when it became appropriate for me to take the enormous step up on the table to help my son and this I believe was the single most important health care decision I have ever made in my life. From that point on, my life was changed for the better and I feel that the knots in the pit of my stomach are not only gone, but aren’t even a part of who I am now. Short of pledging my first born I give anything not to go back to were I have come from and with Shamarie’s help I know I will never have to. So if you have the courage to get on the table just know that Shamarie has the compassion and determination to hold your hand while you change your life, how you see yourself and how you define happiness. You will never look back”.

Allison S. Business Owner, Gawler

Anita S. Mother North Adelaide

R. Knobloch, Accountant
‘I been seeing Shamarie for over 6 years now and I’m amazed at how my life has changed during that time. I’ve learned that we have our very own doctor inside of us and that our physical well-being is largely determined by how much “emotional baggage” we can clear. I’ve found that Biosenetics treatment is a very accurate way of finding out what our body needs to heal itself, whether its external medicine or internal emotional release. Shamarie has been a great help in helping me to identify problem areas so that I can bring into completion those things that block me from optimal health and well-being”.
Shamarie has also helped me to understand that I can be “OK” with whatever is happening “right now”. That does not mean that I have to like it, or that I do nothing about it, I just allow it to be “as it is” without fighting it. When I come into peace with “what is”, I’m in a much clearer space to take “right and appropriate action”. Thanks Shamarie”.

Penny B. Teacher, Adelaide
Before seeing Shamarie, my negative thought patterns were paralysing me – I was allowing my fears to stop me from living ‘in my greatness’. Shamarie has taught me that I am the master of my own life, that I am capable of healing. In her sessions, Shamarie gently guides you and teaches you to listen to your SELF, to take notice of what you are thinking and feeling and realise that everything you need to know is within you. I walk away from her sessions feeling empowered and glowing from inside out. Everything appears clearer, you notice the brightness of colours, the shape of things . . . Shamarie has helped me to re-learn and remember how to live in joy, peace and love and for that I’m most grateful. We make appointments to see the doctor when we have a physical ailment like a cold . . .I make an appointment to see Shamarie to find out what’s REALLY behind that cold. . . . I will always have regular spiritual, physical and emotional check-ups with Shamarie”.

Joanne Smith, Facebook Marketing Specialist Belair SA
Words can’t adequately describe my absolute gratitude for all that you have done for me. I came to you at a very dark time where I really couldn’t see the woods for the trees. I certainly was in emergency mode and could not believe the difference I felt after the very first session. To say I was hooked thereafter is an understatement. You certainly have a gift and my life has been enriched beyond belief as a result so much so that my husband is now a faithful disciple of yours! I have grown enormously as an individual and you have given me tools to cope with all that life has thrown at me and for that I will be forever in your debt. Whatever you’ve got, I want more and your guidance, counselling and genuine concern for my welfare is evident each time I meet with you. I look forward to our sessions and always walk away feeling energised and ready to take on the world. You are worth your weight in gold and have made me realise that all the challenges are just par for the course. You are an integral part of my life these days and I have recommended you to clients, family and friends. You may never know just how much you have helped me but somehow I think you do!
With great affection”,

Pauline L. Accountant Eden Hills

Whendee Y. Enviromental Engineer, Gawler

C Smith Business Owner Belair SA
“I started going to Shamarie after my wife was coming home telling me of her discoveries. At first she booked me in and insisted I see what could be done for me but I must admit that whilst initially sceptical, after the first session I found myself more than a little bit intrigued and rebooking off my own back. I have been amazed at the way I have felt and the things that I have found out and buried within myself. So far it has been a very interesting journey and I certainly feel like my hard drive has had a lot of useless things deleted from it. I have noticed a significant improvement in my personal and business life and am getting to know the real me. It has been made all the more enjoyable given that as a couple we are walking the same path. My inner well being has been greatly restored and I have gone from sceptic to convert”.

S Sangster, Land Broker
‘This email is to say thank you for all your help for myself and my family. Your caring nature in all things related to our physical, mental and emotional health has been very much appreciated and helpful. We also know that we can call upon your expertise in the future if needed. Me and my family wish you all the very best now and in the future”.

Julie V Admin Officer, Gawler

N. Cornish, Welding Engineer, Adelaide Hills
“I just want to feel happy. Simple really and yet I do not understand why I am un-happy. I am told by others there is no reason to feel that way. It took me ages to make my first appointment with Shamarie, putting it off time and again, and now, having spent time with Shamarie, I really don’t know why I just did not get treatment sooner. I say treatment, yet I really do not understand the How, or Why, but I do know it works for me. Give it a try, you only get one go at this caper called life, don’t waste time book an appointment with Shamarie”.