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What is Energy Healing


What is Energy Healing

whatisenergyhealing1-220x286Energy is a generic term used to refer to the intangible subtle substance that is at the foundation of all physical manifestation.  Energy healing is also often referred to as Spiritual healing. Energy is a bit like atoms; you cannot see them with the naked eye. However, some individuals can see or sense energy.

Even though most cannot see this subtle energy the tell tale signs of its pattern and structure are evident in your health, your relationships and your wealth.

Our physical world is based upon energy structures and patterns. Different structures and patterns produce different physical manifestation. For example, it is the slightly different DNA of all living creatures that create the multiplicity of life. Even though, there are billions of humans on the planet no two humans are the same. Your different thoughts, feelings and emotions among other things potentiate or down regulate your DNA structures creating your own personal energy signature.

Your personal energy signature is a combination of gender, family, societal factors and soul/spiritual purpose. Your energy signature is also influenced by your environment, what you focus on, your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, emotions and by the people you surround yourself with.

When you engage in a healing session with a skilled Energy Healer such as Shamarie, she is using her advanced and highly evolved pattern recognition skills to discern your personal energy structures and patterns.  This is particularly the case when Shamarie uses the system of Biosenetics that she has created.

Once this information is obtained she can help you change your energy signature to a healthy, happier and more abundant state rather than how it is at the moment. Energy healing is more than just resolving old hurts and letting go of the past; it is also about changing your foundational structures and patterns.

For Energy healing to be truly effective and change you and your life it is necessary to work with your Spirit as that is the part of you that has the infinite ability to change what is in the past and therefore re-create the future.

When you work with Shamarie she does not make any claims of invisible guides or helpers assisting in the process.  Nor does she call in any invisible helpers, Nor does she “channel” a “healing” energy.  What you get is Shamarie’s absolute Beingness combined with years of training and experience, working with you Spiritual Self.

Energy Healing Works on the Subtle Energies that Underpin all of Life

Is Energy Healing a miracle cure?

istock_000006942914small-copy-190x286So let’s look at some of the misconceptions around energy healing. Some people expect that energy healing means that there should be instantaneous healing of broken bones, removal of tumours and things like this. In fact, this type of energy healing does exist in many cultures, and it is usually referred to as faith healing. For this type of healing to occur there is usually the involvement of a strong faith in the possibility of physical healing on behalf of the healer and the healee as well as the community.
The western mind is usually far too sceptical and pragmatic to allow for this possibility. This kind of strong belief or faith does not consistently exist in the members of most western societies. Partly, because, many sectors of science and modern medicine spend an enormous amount of time and energy discrediting the possibility of spontaneous physical healing. So you can see that it would be hard for this type of healing to regularly and consistently occur in mainstream western society. However, it does still happen occasionally, and I am sure that various members of other less Westernised cultures still exercise this ability regularly.
The focus of healing for most energy healers is the unbalanced mental and emotion and spiritual aspects of an individual or situation. Once the mental and emotional states are healed, and balance physical healing can often occur very naturally as the result of the body healing itself. At this point, you may be beginning to understand that in order to resolve your physical distress you need also focus to on your mental and emotional state. Essentially in my world if you have broken you leg, visit the doctor first and get it set, then come and see me for resolution of the energy patterns around the event so that all aspects of you will be healed.

Sorry I cannot guarantee you a physical miracle cure!
However, I absolutely can help you heal your wounds, change your consciousness into a balanced harmonious place.
I believe your body can heal itself if we give it what it needs and get our minds out of the way.